CHARLESTON CO., S.C. (WCBD)- Charleston County administrators and teachers are reflecting on the school year.

Today, classes ended for the Charleston County School District.

The end of the school year brings mixed emotions.

“Whenever I take a picture, the last few days, instead of ‘cheese’ I say ‘summertime’,” CCSD Superintendent Don Kennedy said.

“If you’re a teacher, every school year you fall in love with a whole new group of kids and it’s the [hardest] part of the job to say goodbye to them,” Teacher at Moultrie Middle School, Jody Stallings said.

Whether students and staff feel excitement, or sadness, Kennedy says everyone should feel proud.

“Everyone in the system has a lot to be proud of this year,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says there was a lot of academic success, “I think the biggest thing we need to be proud of is the tremendous gains we made in reading and math.”

There were also challenges.

Stallings says for him, it was disciplinary problems.

“Kids are getting just tougher to deal with. They’re getting more entitled, more enabled to disrupt classrooms. That’s something we really have to look at moving forward,” Stallings said.

Even though it is summer, Kennedy says district staff will be hard at work making sure facilities are ready for next school year.

“We have new schools that we’re building that need to open up this summer. There’s a lot of work that the construction crews do to make sure new schools are built,” Kennedy said.

Also making sure everything is ready when the kids come back in the fall.

“There’s a huge symposium in July, preparing teachers and administrators on what the strategies are for the next school year,” Kennedy said.

After the summer break, the first day back for Charleston County is August 23.