CHARLESTON, S.C. – Eight school board members were sworn in during a ceremony held at the beginning of Friday’s special school board meeting.

After the ceremony, Friday’s meeting saw members assume new roles on the board.

“Item 3A is the election of board chair,” Courtney Waters, who represents Charleston County’s 4th District, said.

Pamela McKinney was voted to serve as the Board of Trustees chair, and Carlotte Bailey, who won the District 5 seat by 7 votes, will serve as vice-chair.

The Audit & Finance Committee will be led by 1st District representative Keith Grybowski.

“We will go to the second nomination for Chair of Committee of the Whole,” McKinney said.

That will be headed by Leah Whatley, who represents District 7.

Darlene Dunmeyer-Roberson, who won the District 8 seat in a race that was initially too close to call and required a recount, will be the delegate for CCSD for the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA).

“I’m confident she understands the complexities of education,” District 9 representative Dr. Carol Tempel said about Dunmeyer-Roberson, “is focused on teaching and learning and is committed to having all students achieve high standards of excellence in the Charleston community schools.”

The District 6 seat, once held by Erica Cokley, is still technically unfilled.

The process of finding someone to fill that seat is still ongoing, and there is no timeline for that decision to be made at this time.

The next CCSD school board meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12.