CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston County School District (CCSD) leaders tabled the decision of the “Reimagine Schools” proposal, a plan that could impact the future of the school district.

The CCSD Board of Trustees decided not to vote on the proposal during the January 10th board meeting saying they want more input from the public.

“We received numerous amount of emails from different stakeholders throughout the community, and the board felt very strongly about the high concern. There needs to be more public input,” says Rev. Dr. Eric Mack, CCSD Board of Trustees chairman.

Dozens of parents and educators say they’re still concerned for the future of education in the district.

“I stand for 23 principals who are affected by the Reimagine Schools. We are passionately against the Reimagine Schools proposal and wish for the measure to be terminated,” says North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby.

The proposal would put the Coastal Community Foundation, a private group in charge of improving outcomes at underperforming schools in Charleston County. Some teachers in the district disagree with their decision in having an outside third party handle the district’s education.

“They’ve never bothered to come into the schools, never talked to the teachers, and they have never come into the community,” says Charissa Asbury, a teacher at St. John’s High School.

If the plan is approved the district will pay $31 million over the next 10 years, but some concerned activist, parents and teachers say they’re imagining a different kind of plan for schools.

“If you can come up with all of this money, why can’t you give us what we need to educate our own kids,” says Charles Glover, District 23 school board member.

“There is enough funds out there to accommodate multiple I know that no “one” solution is the answer,” says Cheryl Cromwell, the Director Deputy for Charleston RISE.

Board chairman Rev. Dr. Mack says it is unclear when the next time the board will make a decision on the proposal.