CHARLESTON CO., (WCBD) – There is a shortage of crossing guards in Charleston County.

According to CCSO, there are 93 school crossings in the county and only 36 crossing guards. Officials said it’s been hard to fill the positions.

“I think a lot of it had to do with COVID. People that we normally have come out here and do this, retirees, they weren’t really wanting to get out there and put themselves at risk,” said Ken Hardwick who serves as the School Crossing Officer Supervisor for CCSO.

Hardwick said they are actively recruiting candidates by hosting job fairs, visiting VFWs, and by word of mouth.  

The lack of crossing guards was addressed during a pedestrian safety meeting in Charleston on Monday evening. Anthony Del Porto attended the meeting and called for safer school crosswalks.

His children attend James Simons Elementary, where there is a cross guard.  

“Multiple times I’ve seen cars ignore her, while she’s got the stop sign up. I’ve seen them act aggressively, drive around her,” said Del Porto.

The sheriff’s office acknowledged the dangers of the job, but at the same time, the importance.

“You have children that are in need of this and they’re providing a valued service,” said Hardwick.

CCSO said crossing guards work in the morning and afternoon. They get paid $15 an hour. To apply, click here.