NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Six animals will have new homes on Christmas Day in the Lowcountry.

Charleston Animal Society and Hendrick Automotive Group are delivering newly adopted dogs and cats to families as a surprise. The event is called Home for the Holidays.

“It’s a fun, exciting thing that we do every year,” said Kay Hyman, the Director of Community Engagement for Charleston Animal Society.

“It’s kind of funny because I think out teammates are more excited than the families are,” said Don Smith, the Director of Community Relations for Hendrick Automotive Group. “They always talk about it all through the year.”

The six pets are a part of the 128 animals who have been adopted in the past few weeks. More families opted to take home the pets this year than have them delivered according to Hyman.

The shelter says that there are a few things families need to think about before adding a pet including their activity level.

“So you don’t want to get a couch potato if you’re a family that is going for long walks. If you are a couch potato maybe you want a cat that’s going to hang out with you and watch the news,” said Hyman.

If you decide to adopt, your house should be dog or cat proofed and the new pet should get along with everyone in your family.

“It just takes some patience and love, setting boundaries in the home, making sure the pet is not getting into something they’re not supposed to,” said Hyman.

She says that you will know how well the pet is adjusting by their body language.

“Some great signs are that the animal feels comfortable enough to go to sleep. That its able to settle when the family settles. Cats of course using the litter box, knowing where the litter box is,” said Hyman.

If the pet is not a good fit for a family, Hyman says that the shelter will take them back and search for another home for it.

“It’s kind of like marriages or relationships they don’t always work out. WE want to make sure we are here for the animal because that’s what we do,” said Hyman.