CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A few of Charleston’s 12 districts could soon see a switch-up.

On Tuesday, Charleston City Council discussed proposed redistricting plans for the first time. Leaders are looking at two different scenarios.

“Redistricting is really about rebalancing the population among the 12 districts, so it’s about equal representation, or one person one vote,” said Tracy McKee, the city’s Chief Innovation Officer.

She said Charleston’s population has grown by 25% in the last 10 years, signaling the need for change.

According to McKee, the original draft focuses on minimizing change, and only 30% of citizens would be affected.

Under a newly drafted alternative scenario, 39% of the population would see change. The second version would also move one of the districts from the Peninsula to Johns Island.

Currently, Johns Island falls under District 5, which also includes Outer West Ashley. If the island becomes its own district, officials said it would be represented on Charleston City Council – a sign of the area’s continuous growth.

“The island was a lot, a lot smaller when I was in school. We used to come out here and it was almost like the country,” said Coby Oliver, a Lowcountry native.

McKee said under both proposed scenarios, District 8 will pick up parts of Daniel Island.

As leaders continue to work on the pending updates, they said citizens will not be left in the dark.

“We’ve sought out a lot of public engagement during the whole process, of course. We will continue to do that until they adopt a plan,” said McKee. “And then we will work with the election board to make sure the people are notified of any changes in their representation.”

No action will be taken on Tuesday, but officials said the discussion would help determine when the council will take up the plans for the first reading.

To view the proposed redistricting plans, click here.