CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- King Street business owners are meeting with Charleston City Council on Tuesday to discuss potential plans for the Business Improvement District.

“What can we do to make King Street better? King Street is already a great thriving economy and a great thriving engine for the city,” said Roy Neal, the owner of El Jefe restaurant.

Concepts will include cleanliness, security and public image. Neal says that having mounted horse patrols routinely out from the Charleston Police Department is one of the ideas.

“One example is the horse patrol. It’s an expensive endeavor, but I know that it sets the tone and mood for King Street,” said Neal.

Neal and other King Street business owners are part of the Charleston Downtown Alliance (CDA), a non-profit formed to help further the development and maintenance of Charleston’s main attraction.

Improved camera systems, street lighting and signage are other ideas that Neal has for King Street.

The new services would be in addittion to what the City of Charleston provides with its public services. Doug Warner, a board member on the CDA, says that the endeavor is a part of the Business Improvement District.

“A municipality can add a fee onto the property tax for certain buildings, but then that fee can only be used for improvements within that district,’ said Warner.

For Neal, his goal is to make sure every visitor can’t wait to return to King Street.

“Making sure that everybody has a great experience on King Street. You can’t do that all by the tax dollars.” said Neal.

The meeting will happen Tuesday night at Charleston City Hall.