CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County Board of Elections is preparing for the potential of polling place threats on Election Day.  

“We want voters to feel safe and knowing that their vote is secure when they go to cast their ballot,” said Isaac Cramer, the Executive Director of the Charleston County Board of Elections.

Cramer said there is heightened awareness ahead of next Tuesday because of threats made to election officials in other parts of the nation.

He said the security concerns also come after claims made during the 2020 Election, which questioned the integrity of the voting process.

According to Cramer, leaders will be monitoring for protests, angry voters/activists, or any disturbances at polling locations across the county.

So far, there haven’t been any incidents in Charleston County, but election leaders have been meeting with local law enforcement agencies just in case.

Charleston Police said, by law, they can’t be at a polling location unless it’s to vote or by request from a poll manager. However, they will be on standby in case any issues arise and they are called in by a poll manager.

“We will have officers in the area, you know, and aware of the different sites of polling locations,” said Capt. Jason Bruder with CPD. “That way if we’re called, we know who to contact and that’s the polling manager to have that conversation with them.”

Election leaders want voters to know poll workers are well trained and their ballot will be safe and secure.

“We have a paper ballot. We have the systems of checks and balances along the way. And know that when you cast your ballot in the voting booth that your vote is going to count,” said Cramer.

Early voting ends on Saturday, November 5th at 6 pm. To find your polling place on Election Day, click here.