WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – Lowcountry officials are brainstorming ideas on how to make improvements to the North Bridge in Charleston County. Several pedestrians and bicyclists have died on the bridge.

One bicyclist says she is too scared to ride over the North Bridge and a new lane is needed.

“I can’t even figure out how to get across that bridge,” says Katie Zimmerman, the Executive Director for Charleston Moves.

Zimmerman says she has had to change her biking routes when traveling the North Bridge.

“I’ve had to instead take the bus, but the bus doesn’t run 24/7. I have taken an Uber which can be expensive,” says Zimmerman.

Charleston County officials are working on the “Better the North Bridge” project. It is a proposed plan that consists of constructing a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Ashley River.

Sheila Parker with Charleston County says there are several alternatives.

“There’s many ways this bridge can be used. It is very utilitarian but it can also be recreational,” says Parker.

The project could cost between $25 to $60 million. Charleston County leaders who support it fear the biggest challenges, are funding.

“Our challenge on this is not so much the designs, but the funding. We will probably need a pile of money from federal grants and things like that,” says Brantley Moody, Charleston County Councilmember for District 7.

“It’s access to churches, businesses, jobs, and social services. There are many things that can improve everybody’s quality of life,” says Zimmerman.

Charleston County officials say if you were not able to attend the public input meeting, you can submit feedback online through March 3rd to roads@charlestoncounty.org.