CHARLESTON, S.C (WCBD) – The Charleston County School District will soon vote on a multimillion-dollar funding proposal aimed at improving 15-16 schools in the district.

On Monday afternoon, district leaders met for a Committee of the Whole meeting where they heard from the nonprofit, Coastal Community Foundation.

Coastal Community Foundation asked the district to approve their ‘Reimagine Schools Funding Proposal,’ a ten-year plan which creates three community-based Innovation Commissions.

According to the proposal, the plan would focus on schools in Districts 4, 9, 20 and 23. These areas include North Charleston, Downtown Charleston, Hollywood, Ravenel, and Johns Island.

Each commission would include a CCSD Board member, a Constituent School Board representative, School Improvement Council chairs, administrators for each school, and up to 10 at large members which could be teachers, parents, faith and business leaders, and other stakeholders.

CCF asked the district to set aside $31,100,000 dollars to support these commissions.  

This initiative would begin rollout in January 2022.

Many board members showed support for the proposal during the meeting, however, they decided to postpone the vote until January 10 during a special meeting. Other members questioned why this initiative isn’t something the district could do on its own.

Ahead of the meeting, a group of people gathered to show their support of the proposal.

Cheryl Cromwell with Charleston Rise wants to see ‘Reimagine Schools’ approved.

“This initiative actually incorporates parents into the decision-making process,” Cromwell said.

For other community members, the proposal is concerning.