CHARLESTON CO., S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is short over 100 employees.

“We’re in a situation where the staffing is critical at the jail and the law enforcement side or the roadside is serious,” said Sheriff Kristin Graziano.

There are 102 detention deputy openings at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center. CCSO is also in need of 41 deputy sheriffs. According to Graziano, the shortage is taking a toll on employees.

“We have a lot of folks that work an enormous amount of overtime. We’re trying to cut down on that overtime, get people in there that want to be there. Get them trained,” she explained.

The sheriff and her team are actively working to fill the gap, and they’re starting with higher pay.

Late last year, the Charleston County Council approved funding for a market-based pay increase at the sheriff’s office. The starting pay for a detention deputy is $46,373-$65,391 based on 12.25-hour shifts.

As for a deputy sheriff who is starting, the pay can range from $49,462 to $68,515.

“Across the state, if you look at Department of Corrections or detention centers throughout the state, this makes us one of the highest paid in the state,” said the sheriff.

Graziano said they are reaching out to high school students since detention officers can start at age 18.

Though staff numbers are low now, the standards for candidates remain high.

“We are going to be selective and we’re going to take the best and the brightest, period. We’re going to pay them for the job they do, and we’re going to have expectations that are higher than they’ve ever been,” Sheriff Graziano said.

People interested in applying can click here or visit the sheriff’s office at 3691 Leeds Avenue.

CCSO recruiters can be reached at 843-529-7390 or