CAINHOY, S.C. (WCBD) – New Charleston fire stations are in the pipeline for Cainhoy, a rapidly growing part of the city.

“Ourselves and our response partners are continuing to monitor where the growth of residents are and our increase in populations,” said Deputy Chief Jason Krusen for the Charleston Fire Department.

According to Krusen, the department is looking to replace Fire Station 20 off Pinefield Road, with a permanent facility to better withstand hurricanes and tropical storms. He said they are in the process of acquiring the land for the project near the temporary facility.

A new station is also in the works on Clements Ferry Road. According to the deputy chief, it will fill the gap between Station 20 and Station 21 on Cainhoy Road.

Additional offices for the Charleston Police Department are also being proposed for the facility.

“Because of the distance between the area of Station 20 which is closer to the 526 corridor, and the existing Station 21 — that’s a rather large gap and coverage area. So, we need a facility to place apparatus in that area,” Krusen explained.

Staffing and equipping the new stations are taken care of in advance.

“So, we phase those in, in the respective years as we approach the construction so that when we get approved for the facility and it gets constructed that we have the personnel and the apparatus ready to staff those stations when they come in,” Krusen told News 2.

He said a new fire station is in the construction phase on Johns Island. There are also a few other stations in the city that have recently been renovated or are slated to be in the future.