CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – City and community leaders came together to celebrate the Eastside community.

“This is bringing the community together,” Charleston councilmember Robert Mitchell said. “Doing something positive in the community because we have so many negative things that’s going on. It’s bringing everyone together so they can work together in harmony and peace. That’s the main thing that we’re talking about now.”

The celebration comes less than two weeks after a mass shooting occurred in the Eastside neighborhood.

“We just had something,” Eastside community activist Steve Bailey said, “two weeks ago, happen very bad down here on South Street. A bunch of people got shot on South Street and it was a really terrible thing. But today, is our day of resilience. You’re going to see the real Eastside today when people are going to come out, and they’re going to have a good party. We’re going to have great music, we’re going to have good food, we’re going to have lots of people speaking. So, it’s our day of resilience to show what the real Eastside is about and again, I hope everybody will come.”

Now, leaders are working to make the Eastside community more safe and welcoming for everyone.

“We have to have positive things going on in the community,” Mitchell said. “Once the community is together, I think we are seeing new day that is happening on the Eastside. And like I always explain to everyone, there’s only one Eastside, not two Eastsides, it’s only one. There’s no separation, so we have to throw away the separation and come together and work together in harmony and peace.”

The event is also a celebration of Lowcountry icon Philip Simmons, whose 110th birthday was Thursday.

“People know Philip Simmons as a great artisan,” Bailey said. “People who knew him in the neighborhood knew him as a great person. We’re going to have a party for him, and we’re going to have a giant cake. We have a slice for everybody; chocolate, vanilla, whatever you want.”