CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — About half of all South Carolinians are affected by the recent security breach at the credit monitoring agency Equifax. Now, lawmakers want to do more to protect our state’s consumers.

Charleston State Representative Wendell Gilliard says credit services have too much power over people’s lives and the whole system should be revamped.

He also wants a deeper investigation.

Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon says right now the only cases against Equifax would be civil cases, but the government should look into potential criminal matters.

“At the very least, the entity that is in charge of watching over our personal information–that they themselves get hacked–clearly the government has a key role in investigating what happened and hold those accountable if standards weren’t met,” Condon said.

Affected South Carolinians are advised to consider placing a fraud alert or security freeze on accounts to protect identity and credit information. The Department of Consumer Affairs also advises consumers to pull their credit report or look into trustworthy and reliable identity theft monitoring services.