CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Veterans Day is Saturday, November 11, and the Lowcountry is kicking off the week by celebrating the men and women who have served our country.

There were hundreds of people lining the streets of downtown, waving and holding American flags.

“This is a nice parade, and this old man has a good place to sit and watch,” Vietnam Veteran, Lawrence Gomeos said.

From floats, to motorcycles, and decorations, the streets of Charleston were red, white and blue.

Charleston has been hosting a Veterans Day parade for over 25 years.

“Being from Charleston and being a part of this parade is always an honor for me. Always,” Army Veteran, Jerome Vanderhorst said.

Veterans I spoke to during the parade say this event is so meaningful to them.

“To recognize what we’ve done as a service member for America and continue to make this nation the great nation it is today,” Vanderhorst said.

“Shake their hands and tell them thank you. Thank you for the services they’ve done for the country. Just tell them how much you’re appreciative of the sacrifice,” Vanderhorst said.

Explaining, it goes a long way when people just simply tell them thank you for their service.