WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – Flooding solutions, years in the making, could soon be moving forward in some West Ashley neighborhoods.

“We’re continuing investigating millions of dollars to fix the problems that our neighbors have experienced out here,” said Charleston City Councilman Stephen Bowden, who represents District Ten.

Next week, Charleston City Council will consider approving a nearly $2.3 million construction contract with Lowcountry Sitework, LLC, for nature-based stormwater projects at Wolk Drive and Bridge Pointe.

Councilman Bowden said a park will also be included in the plan.

The proposed work is part of the overall Church Creek Flood and Resilience Project.

“We’re creating essentially an artificial wetland that will absorb the water that used to go into people’s living rooms and hold it on the site until it can dissipate,” Councilman Bowden explained.

Wolk Drive is also the location of the first phase of the project which has already been completed. As News 2 has previously reported, the appearance of the flood mitigation project has caused frustration among neighbors, including Michael Lepson.

He’s anxious for a different outcome for the second part.

“I mean, hopefully there’s something that we can appreciate that’s landscaped properly, that we can use, that, you know, kids in the neighborhood can use. And that again, contributes and benefits the neighborhood as opposed to detracting from it,” Lepson told News 2.

Neighborhoods in the Church Creek Drainage Basin have experienced flooding issues as far back as the 1990s. In recent years, the city has worked toward finding solutions by acquiring flood-prone properties and releasing new stormwater regulations.

The work is not over yet.

“Sort of the next step in this is increasing commercial investment in this area because that’s what’s ultimately gonna go to pay for the fixes,” the councilman said.

City council will meet on Tuesday at 5 pm.