City of Charleston seeking input on plans to update Climate Action Plan to reduce emissions


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The City of Charleston is looking to update it’s Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution and mitigate climate change within the city.

Through the updated plan, city leaders are hoping to map out a more resilient and sustainable future for the city to go hand in hand with it’s Flooding and Sea Level Rise Strategy.

Hoping to invest in the future, Charleston City leaders say making changes now would cut down on emissions and pollution. Katie McKain, Director of Sustainability for the City of Charleston, says it’s something they want to get better at.

“Addressing the bulk of emissions in the City of Charleston will require changes that impact the entire community,” says McKain.

A recent Greenhouse Gas emissions study shows city buildings account for 2% of the city’s pollution. The biggest culprit in the city points to resources and amenities used by many.

“Buildings followed by transportation are the biggest polluters in the City of Charleston so those will be top focus groups and we will some sub committees focused just around those subjects,” says McKain.

The report has leaders like McKain looking to work with residents to make changes by participating in meetings or taking part in a survey.

“That means to address the bulk of those emissions that we are seeing in this report, that’s why we would need the whole community on board,” says McKain.

Updating the climate action plan will start in three phases, collecting input, tallying results and developing a game plan to implement for improvement.

“The task force will ultimately take that to a resilience and sustainability committee who will then make a recommendation to city council,” says McKain.

Possible changes could include more electric car charging stations and other ways to limit emissions in city limits.

“So together the adaptation elements of the flooding and sea level rise strategy and the mitigation elements of the climate action plan will be our city’s resilience plan,” says McKain.

The City of Charleston will hold a virtual, public meeting Thursday night starting at 6pm for residents to participate and provide input on proposed options. Residents can also participate in a survey here or register for the virtual meeting here. City leaders are also seeking committee volunteers, anyone interested can sign up to volunteer here.

The Climate Action Plan will complement the Flooding and Sea Level Rise Strategy, which
together include both mitigation and adaption initiatives to support a more sustainable and
resilient Charleston.

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