CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A vacant lot off of Meeting Street Road is where dump trucks are loading up with debris from Hurricane Ian and taking it to a landfill.

The City of Charleston has set an estimated date of November 14 for when 95 percent of storm waste will be picked up in all areas of the City.

“It’s been tough, said Matt Alltop, the Superintendent of Environmental Services for the City of Charleston. “I think we’re at roughly 6.4 million pounds of debris being collected and that’s about 400,000 pounds per employee.”

The peninsula, James Island, Daniel Island and inner West Ashley are all at about 70 percent complete. Outer West Ashley and Johns Island are 100 percent complete according to the City.

“Our guys are working hard to get to everybody as fast as they can. They’re working six days a week. 11 and 12 hour days,” said Alltop.

One of the those drivers is William Sloane, who picked up debris during Hurricane Hugo and has been working overtime to help Charleston.

“We do it for the public to get the stuff up and get it off the street,” said Sloane. “(The days) are a little long, but as long as I have a good lunch I don’t have any problem with them.”

Comparing Cleanups

  • Hurricane Matthew- 82 days with 12 contractors
  • Hurricane Dorian- 45 days with 25 contractors
  • Hurricane Ian- Estimated 45 days with 2 contractors

There are a few things that people need to do to help workers like Sloane keep the City on track for an on-time finish. Alltop says that the first one is patience.

“Just make sure that you’re sorting your debris because that will help speed up the process because we do have to deliver it to two different landfills,” said Alltop.