WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry landmark will not be moving anytime soon.

This week, Borden Dairy Company announced it will close its North Charleston location at the end of May. The company said the announcement will have “no effect” on the Coburg Cow sign in West Ashley.

“I love that the cow is here and will remain a legendary icon in the Lowcountry,” said Lowcountry resident Danielle Skerritt.

The Coburg Cow, also known as “Bessie,” has been a Charleston staple since the 1950s. The cow overlooks Savannah Highway and Coburg Road. It’s located down the street from the former Coburg Dairy location.

Borden has been maintaining the cow ever since it bought Coburg in 2011. “Bessie” has been through many phases. At one point she used to spin and recently, she even had a blue calf with her temporarily.

But perhaps her most famous attribute is when she signals bad weather is ahead.

“You know if there was a big storm coming, they would bring Bessie down for the protection of her and the sign. So, you knew when you saw Bessie wasn’t there it was kind of an ominous harbinger that a bad storm might be coming,” said Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg.

For the Mayor, the cow is a childhood memory, and he hopes to see it stay for generations.

According to a spokesperson for Borden, they are working with employees to help them find new jobs. News 2 reached out for an interview, however, they were not available.