CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Class of 2022 is preparing for their big day.

“It’s exciting man,” College of Charleston graduate Max Linn said. “It’s been a long four years, but finally made it, surprisingly. Until I see the diploma, though, I’m not going to know.”

Many have mixed emotions about walking across the stage.

“Bittersweet,” College of Charleston graduate Gianna Cucinotta said.” “Happy-sad. It’s really exciting and really awesome and I’ve made it this far and all of my hard work is showing.”

“Nervous,” College of Charleston graduate Gabriella Rumgay said, “but excited because it’s a huge accomplishment and just the next step toward the future.”

They also say, this day means a lot to their families.

“My family moved here from Venezuela when I was nine,” College of Charleston graduate Sabrina Fiorillo said. “So, it’s our first graduation in the States. So, my parents are super thrilled to be here and that we get to have it in-person and I get to walk. So, it’s really exciting.”

Shara Parrish says she’s relieved to graduate from Trident Technical College after a challenging couple of years.

“All of the hard work and dedication has paid off and it’s finally here,” Parrish said. “Having that physical thing in your hand is just like representation of like it actually being real.”

The military veteran, and mother of two, will also speak at commencement. She hopes her words inspire others to know they can do it, too.

“Just being able to inspire any kids or high school graduates,” Parrish said, “or anything, that maybe don’t know which way they want to go.”

Many of the graduates say they have big plans after graduation.

“Going through law school is going to be a long three years,” Linn said, “but it’s going to be fun. I’m excited for it.”

“My plan is to stay here,” Rumgay said. “I’m applying to PA school.”

“I’m heading back to Philadelphia to go to UPenn’s nursing program,” Cucinotta said. Many of the colleges are livestreaming their commencement ceremonies online.

News 2 will have the links for those ceremonies here on our website.