NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)–80-year-old Ivo Colucci is accused of killing his wife Doris Colucci.

North Charleston Police responded to reports of a shooting inside Colucci’s Jewlers shortly after 4 Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival officers found 74-year-old Doris Colucci deceased. The coroner says Colucci died as a result of a gun shot wound.

Ivo Colucci is charged with murder.

Detectives say video captured by a store surveillance camera showed the couple arguing Friday afternoon, then Ivo Colucci pulling a gun out of his pocket and shooting his wife in the head. Police says Colucci then retrieved the shell casing that was ejected by the bullet and put it in his pocket.

An incident report released Monday explains officers arrived on scene to several people yelling, “he shot her, he shot her,” near the store. The report also says Colucci came out of the store with his hands in the air saying, “I shot her and the guns inside.”

The incident report also says while arresting Colucci, he “was spontaneously uttering several of the reasons he had shot his wife.” Police say they found a .380 casing in Colucci’s pocket, and he explained he picked it up.

Ivo Colucci was denied bond and remains at the Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston.

This is not the first time a Colucci family member has been charged with murder.

In May of 2016, Michael Colucci was arrested by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. He is accused of killing his wife in 2015. He is charged with murder.

Berkeley County Deputies found the body of Sara Lynn Colucci outside of a building in Summerville nearly two years ago. Her death was first thought to be a suicide.

She was found strangled with a garden hose wrapped around her neck.