Combating Depression with Ketamine Infusions


CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – If you are suffering from Depression and haven’t found relief from standard therapies, you may want to consider Ketamine Infusions.

Despite being a treatment and not a cure, doctors and patients are calling it a miracle worker.

For many people around the world, Depression is an illness suffered by many and understood by a few.

“When you think of the word… Depression…you think of sadness. What many people don’t realize is that it’s not just sadness, it’s so many other things. It’s so complex,”

Allison Dukes, a local patient

Over the years, many standard treatments have existed to help relieve the illness. Up until recently, a new treatment has come to play.

“Ketamine is a drug that’s been around for decades. It’s used as battlefield medicine in many third world countries simply because you get general anesthesia with it without it suppressing respiratory functions,”

Dr. Richard Bowen, a local Medical Doctor

Several months ago, the Food and Drug Administration approved doses as low as .5 milligrams per kilogram to relieve Depression.

“The typical patient I see is some who has suffered for quite some time and has not received benefit for other standard therapies,”

Dr. Richard Bowen, a local Medical Doctor

About six infusions are done over a two week period. Those Infusions can then be spread out monthly or as needed.

“It’s relieving. It’s calming. It’s removing fear and judgement about myself that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to let go of,”

Misty Scott, a local patient

Good candidates for this treatment have what is called Refractory Depression. When a person has this kind of illness, it means that no other treatments are working to benefit them.

“You can’t cry if you want to. You don’t enjoy anything. You can’t even care about other people. All you want to do is not be here anymore,”

Allison Dukes, a local patient

While not everyone responds to this treatment, the 70% that do say that it’s a chance for a better life.

“I feel like I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I definitely want to be here now,”

Allison Dukes, a local patient

Before scheduling your appointment for an infusions, Doctors are remind patients that this treatment is not yet covered by insurance.

If you’d like to receive the treatment or find out more information, you can click the link here

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