Community initiatives help Maryville students make gains


GEORGETOWN COUNTY,SC (WCBD) — Maryville Elementary is a neighborhood school located in the heart of the Maryville community.  In turn,  the community is at the heart of what makes Maryville special.  We’re in Georgetown county for our Cool School of the week.

Patricia Reichling and her mentee Kyesha White have formed a bond over the years.  After all, they’ve been working together since Kyesha was in kindergarten.  She’s now in fourth grade.  “My main purpose is to encourage them, give them self esteem, to encourage them to knew that they can do it, they can be better and they can be the best that they can, says Reichling.  Patricia is a mentor with Miss Ruby’s Kids, a non-profit early literacy program serving families living in Georgetown county.  Fourth-grade student Kyesha White says, “She helps me a lot with stuff that I need to know.  We do math games, read, do multiplication. she’s a loyal great lady.”  Reichling says, “It shows the children that there are other people that care about them, besides their family. We’re someone they can confide in and talk to about problems that they have.  Hopefully be able to help them persevere and not get discouraged.”

Miss Ruby’s Kids is just one of the community partnerships that is helping Maryville Elementary make gains.  Principal Stephanie Stuckey has a long history with Maryville. She’s been at the school for 28 years.  This is her ninth year as principal.  “We’re a family oriented school, very warm, very caring, very diverse school at the same time.”  The PBIS school has received Palmetto Gold and Silver awards.  Stuckey says the staff, parents, and community work together to make sure students have what  they need. “It takes a village.   We have our rotary readers that come in weekly and read with our students. We have Brookgreen Gardens, they have a group and they come in and actually mentor our students.  We also have a group Miss. Ruby’s Kids.  They come in also and mentor some of our students, and they do it on a weekly basis or bi -weekly basis, and that helps those students that may need a little boost it keeps them that extra person that they know is interested in what they’re doing day to day.”

MES has a long list of community initiatives, Literacy Day, Community Reading Day, Father-Daughter, and Mother-Son banquet.  “We definitely need the parents support as well as the individuals and the agencies within our community.  All of our mentoring groups and our business partners that come and help us with mentoring our students, the churches that donate the food to our students on the weekends.  Those are the individuals that help us so we can continue to see growth and academic achievement with our students.”

Maryville also has Back Pack Buddies program, which provides bags of food for students in need on the weekend.

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