News 2 recently told the story of 2nd grader Shania Freeman who was struggling with bullying at a Dorchester County school. Shania was tormented daily at school and on the school bus. It reached the point of physical violence, Shania got anxiety and needed to be hospitalized.

Shania’s mother, Orelia Freeman, said, “She wanted to kill herself because she was being bullied and she wanted it to be over. She admitted she wanted something bad to happen to the others. From there they transported her to the ER and MUSC and from there she went to the psychiatric for kids.”

Shania’s story connected with many of our viewers.

Kratina Champaigne says, “I have a 14-year-old and she was bullied as well. I remember the stress and going through it. And Shania’s mom, she’s a single mother and her 2nd grader wanting to kill herself, it just really hurt my heart and I was like, I can’t imagine if my 14-year-old at that time had said that to me.”

Champaigne says she needed to take action.

She says, “When I saw the story I immediately felt like I needed to do something. And I wanted to do something for Shania. Just honoring her life, her being a strong individual and coming through this and not ending her own life.”

So she is organizing an anti-bullying event for the community. It will be Saturday, February 20th, from 4pm-8pm at the Felix Davis Center in Park Circle. There will be food, games for the kids, and speakers about bullying. And, most importantly, support for Shania.

Champaigne says, “I don’t know her, but I love her. And this is what this event is about, for her to feel love from even people she doesn’t know.”

She encourages all kids, especially those who have been bullied, to come out.

She says, “It’s just something they can do outside of that world of, I’m being bullied. There’s always something better for you and as long as the parents are standing up and they are advocating. If I have to advocate for someone else’s child I’ll do that too.”

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey told News 2 he will be in attendance because he says there is no reason for bullying and he believes this is an issue that needs more attention.

News 2 checked in on Shania today and her mom told us she has moved Shania to a new school. She tells us it’s going well so far and there have been no more bullying issues.

Everything for the anti-bullying event is donated or paid for by sponsors. If you want to get involved, Kratina Champaigne asks you reach out to her on Facebook or send an email to