Her students are not only fluent in Spanish, they also love school. Charleston Bilingual Academy teacher Mrs. Rosa Maria Cabrera is our Cool School Teacher of the week.

A teacher for forty years, Mrs. Rosa Maria Cabrera is in her fifth year of teaching first and second grade Spanish Immersion, science, social studies and art at Charleston Bilingual Academy. She is from Venezuela, and she is known for dancing with her students and making traditional Venezuelan food with them.

Her students can read and write in Spanish, explain Science facts in Spanish, and much more. She says she was inspired by her students to write her own book she uses to teach. Cabrera says she uses multi-sensory tools, projects, and experiments to keep students engaged.
“We do projects. We do art. We do a lot of movement while we work. We speak. I think we have to be very wide when we teach to grab every single kid. I love being with kids, being with them and a sharing their stories,” says Cabrera.

School leaders say she is a role model for everyone. She shares ideas with all teachers, and new teachers always observe her class. Cabrera says, “I think my passion, my passion is definitely what describes me more. The responsibility. I’m a perfectionist. I try to make the units very
complete, and I think that is what I’m teaching other teachers. They see my work, and they can be motivated. I love all these kids. They inspire me.”

Mrs. Cabrera has a Masters Degree in Psycho-Pedagogy. She says she was a special needs student growing up in Venezuela, and began her career teaching students with special needs.

Congratulation Mrs. Cabrera. If you would like to nominate a Cool School Teacher or Principal, send an email to Octavia at omitchell@wcbd.com.