A. C. Corcoran Elementary students spread kindness through schoolwide initiative

Cool School

Spreading knowledge and kindness, that’s the mission at  A. C. Corcoran Elementary.  News 2’s Octavia Mitchell is in Charleston county for our Cool School of the week.

Tucked within a North Charleston neighborhood, you find A. C. Corcoran Elementary.  “The heart of A. C. Corcoran is phenomenal, says principal Quenetta White. She says,  “A. C. Corcoran is a neighborhood school hidden off of Otranto Road.  Many of our students walk here.  We have a lot of active community members and organizations.” Students also have one-to-one technology.
The school adopted a new motto, Kindness is the New Cool, a model they saw successfully implemented at another school.  Every month, teachers select exceptionally kind students to be recognized school wide for modeling outstanding social and emotional growth.  Student Brooklyn Garreau says, “I was being kind to students, and being kind to my peer buddy.” Fourth grade student Chance Mungin says, “People dropped their stuff, and I helped them pick it up.” Third grade student Karen Herrera says, “I was kind to other students.”  Principal White says, “We demonstrate kindness as adults though our school as well as our children, and we want to recognize them for the great things they do. They will volunteer to do those things.. and not even consciously.  It has come to fruition that it’s subconcious. They don’t even know they are doing something to maybe earn a t-shirt.  This is where we wanted them to get. It was not about earning something, but a way of life just being kind to others.”

Students say they love their school’s positive environment. Fifth-grade student Rakyiah Blake says, “They’re always kind, and they’re always smiling when you walk in.  In the morning, they always get you pepped up for everything.”  Fifth-grade student Zuriel Nyamutsaka says, “I like my school because well I think the people are very nice,very considerate of others.  They always want to help other people, and overall, they have this general atmosphere that is very positive.”

A. C. Corcoran also offers free after school tutoring for students.  Coming up Thursday on News 2, we’ll present the A. C.corcoran bulldogs with our cool school award.

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