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Berkeley Elementary School's Wellness program instills early healthy habits

Instilling healthy habits in young children early, Berkeley Elementary School's Wellness program keeps students on the move.  We're in Moncks Corner for our Cool School of the week.

Berkeley Elementary School is a primary school with six-hundred-fifty students in preschool through second grade. They focus on teaching the whole child, which includes creating healthy habits.  Principal Kelly Gabriel says, "We are a little gem in Moncks Corner. We really focus on our wellness program.  At this age, children need to be up and moving.  It actually helps with their learning. It helps with their reading abilities. It also helps with long term memory."

Sara Sweatman is the school's head physical education teacher and wellness leader. She says, "We have a garden.  We have a sensory pathway.  We encourage action based learning.  We have two recesses.  We just overall are trying to add physical activity, and healthy habits into our school day in every way."

B.E.S. also has an after school program called Fit Fawns.  Second-grade student Ava Adams says, "We do fun activities, and we run around, and we get exercise.  We exercise a lot, so I think that's fun about Fit Fawns."

Berkeley Elementary School also has a Minds in Motion class.  Brittne' Guerry is the Minds in Motion teacher. She says, "We want to connect their right brain movements with their left brain movement.  We want to make sure they are up to parr.  The more sensory based this can be the better their reading scores can be."  First-grade student Quentin Gross likes to use the balance board in class. He says, "It helps me concentrate when I spell."

The school is also working on a sensory path, which helps students focus. Teacher assistant Debbie Blackmon says,"What it does is stimulate their brains where they can increase their academics, get re-focused on what they're working on.  They're doing this through their senses, using their hands and feet.

Sweatman says, "If we can inspire them and create an appreciation for healthy habits now, we can help to have a more healthy community."

Coming up Friday on News 2, We'll present the Berkeley Elementary Fawns with our Cool School award.


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