Daniel Island Academy is a unique pre-school with a mission to provide the best learning and developmental environment for children. We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Daniel Island Academy is a licensed educational facility founded in 2004.  The large pre-school has 250 students from 12-months-old through Pre-K.  Teachers must have degrees in education or early childhood, or they have to be working toward that goal.

The school offers full-day, half-day and mother’s morning out programs.  Daniel Island Academy is one of only five pre-schools in the Lowcountry to be accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

The school offers foreign language, physical education, and literacy programs.   Director Kerry Nowosielski says,”Daniel Island Academy is a Cool School because we have awesome staff, we have awesome children, and these hallways are always happy and smiling.  You hear music all day long.  We’re wicked cool.”  Karen Raduazo has two children at Daniel Island Academy. “Our oldest child is autistic. It’s been a wonderful place for him to learn among his peers who are typically developing,” Raduazo says.  “The staff and teachers are super supportive.  When you walk in the door, everyone knows your child’s name.  Whether it’s their teacher or someone else’s teacher.  So it’s just been a very supportive environment and we’ll thankful to be a part of the Daniel Island Academy family.  It truly feels like a family.”  Four-year-old Eliza Broad says, “I love Daniel Island Academy.”

Daniel Island Academy has a special literacy initiative to support the Cynthia Hurd Foundation, also the school was named a South Carolina Farm to Pre-School program site.  We’ll have more on that special distinction coming up tonight on News 2 at 5.

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