MEGGETT, S.C. (WCBD) – Lowcountry Leadership Charter School is celebrating ten years of creating leaders through Project Based Learning experiences. Students say their school is the G.O.A.T. literally. 

For students at Lowcountry Leadership Charter School in Meggett, South Carolina, a day of learning involves feeding and tending to goats and chickens.

“We have wonderful CTE programs in our high school, that’s Career and Technical Education. Our largest CTE program is agriculture.  We have a farm on campus,” said school leader Julianne Lang. 

“Here on the farm, we feed animals.  We learn how to use heavy machinery.  We take the eggs, we sell them. The milk from the goat we use to make lotion and lipstick,” explained tenth-grade student Braden Van Dort.

Students there are excelling in agricultural business.

“Our AG teacher makes it fun. We experience new things. It’s more than just agriculture, we learn business, life goals,” he said.

Agricultural education teacher Katie Bell says, “It’s a learning laboratory.  Every animal and plant here has a purpose.  We teach everything from plant science to animal science. Students in high school can become completers, which is CTE program here, that’s an extra certification at graduation. They can also be a part of our FFA chapter, Future Farmers of America. We do a lot of leadership activities, so the students not only learn hands-on real-world skills in the program, but they’re also becoming leaders in the community, and in the nation.” Junior Keziah Darby is planning a career in agriculture and says she has a major head start. “If you take four classes, you get a certificate. It basically helps you with your scholarships. I like that we’re hands-on, and not just you do this, you do that. Everyone is hands-on with it.”

This is just one of the Career Technical Education opportunities at LLCS.

School leader Julianne Lang said the focus is on developing leaders through Project Based experiences. “So, our mission is to have a safe exceptional academic environment that cultivates independent learners through hands-on experiences,” she said.

LLCS serves more than 500 students in K-5 through 12th grade, in Charleston, Dorchester, and Colleton counties.

And the state charter school has academic bragging rights. “We do outperform all of our local schools academically,” said Lang.

Inside the classroom, students in Mrs. Jasmine Winn’s math class are learning about statistics and probability with a fun twist.

“Every Wednesday, we have fantasy football Wednesday, our big project for the first two quarters. They get to take actual NFL players and use their points and stats to calculate using formulas to see how many points their players got, and they’re competing against other students in the class in healthy competition. Lots of math, they learn how to graph, analyze charts and data, statistics and probability,” said Winn. “It helps keep kids engaged, who don’t respond well to traditional learning, really respond well to project-based learning when they get to have real-world experiences. Our school is the coolest school.”

LLCS renews its charter this year, as they celebrate ten years, and look ahead to the next ten.

Lang says, “The mission for us to develop accountable leaders, community stewards, and diverse thinkers is really what we’ve seen come to fruition with our school.  We’re still continuing to grow some of our programs, and we’re really excited about that growth.  We’re starting an addition to the facility soon, and expanding a little bit, and so we’re really excited about the future at LLCS.”

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