Cool School Teacher: Christine Markland

Cool School

Parents say special education teacher Mrs. Christine Markland works extra hard to help her students grow their academic, behavior, and independent living skills. We’re in West Ashley for our Cool School teacher of the week.

A teacher for twenty-seven years, special education teacher Mrs. Christine Markland has been a teacher at West Ashley High School nineteen years. Students enter her class as 14-year-old freshmen and leave as young adults with the knowledge and skill sets to be as independent as possible.

Parent Pam Conner says Mrs. Markland has the loving heart and determination needed to work with students with special needs. Markland says she’s a special education teacher because it is the only job she can imagine doing and it’s one of the biggest blessings of her life.
Markland says, “I consider everyday that I work with the students, and their parents, and their families a blessing. It really is a blessing. Home school communication is so important, and I work very hard to build those relationships with the parents. I feel like I’m a wife, mother, and teacher and that’s what I’ve been called to be so.” Student Mary Ashley Barbot says, “She’s really nice and pretty, and she makes me laugh.” Jayson Conner says, “She’s a nice teacher.”

Mrs. Markland currently serves on West Ashley High School’s Leadership and PBIS teams. She is from Charleston and graduated from the College of Charleston.

Congratulations Mrs. Christine Markland!

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