His students and colleagues call him an amazing and creative teacher who exposes his students to so much in the world of art and beyond. We’re in Dorchester county for our Cool School Teacher of the week.

Mr. Daniel Bryant is an art teacher at Oakbrook Elementary in Dorchester School District Two. Bryant has been teaching for twelve years. He’s been at Oakbrook six years.  He says he works hard to create a creative and challenging learning environment.  His students’ art pieces are on display throughout Oakbrook.  His classes also incorporate digital-graphic art.

Three years ago, Mr. Bryant started an after school mentoring program, called Man Up.  He works to mentor boys, and instills character and integrity, as well as the value of respecting themselves and others.

Bryant comes from a family of educators and ministers.  He sees teaching as his calling.  Bryant says, “Just felt the calling early in my life to be a teacher.  I love teaching because it’s a way I can share my spiritual gift.  I believe teaching allows me to impart those gifts without being so direct.  I can create an atmosphere where they feel warm, they feel loved, and they feel inspired.”  Cecilia Wilburn-Davis is an instructional technology specialist.  She says, “Mr. Bryant is an awesome teacher.  Every time I’m in here, I see the way he interacts with the students. I see the way they interact with him, and respect him.  I see all of the different art information they’re using and learning to create, and it’s just amazing.”  Fifth-grade student Si’ni’anh Lowery says, “He’s amazing.  He’s fun and nice, and he talks to us like he would talk to any other person.  If we come in, and if one of us is having a bad day he helps us get through the day.”

Born and raised in Summerville, Mr. Bryant graduated from Stratford High School, and received his undergraduate degree from Charleston Southern University.  Mr. Bryant is also the parent of four children, and coaches his son’s sports teams.
Congratulations Mr. Bryant!