Cool School Teacher: Mrs. Kathy White

Cool School

Mrs. Kathy White, a second grade teacher at Sangaree Elementary pushes students to excel and think out of the box.  We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School Teacher of the week.
A school teacher for more than nineteen years, Mrs. Kathy White has taught special education, first grade and second grade students, and also served as a curriculum coach.  Mrs. White pushes students to excel with STEM experiments.  In the classroom, she says she wants to give each student the opportunity to grow and develop in both academics and in their ability to become responsible for and direct their own learning.  She says she strives to create an atmosphere where students can work together, try new ideas, make mistakes, reflect on the outcomes, and move forward towards success.

Mrs. White says she’s honored to receive the Cool School Teacher award. She says, “Wow, it was a real surprise, helps me feel like I’m appreciated. Teaching is this great adventure, and helping other children other people to be the best they can be, and what else more would I want accept being able to help others to be successful.”  Second-grade student Bentley Prado says, “She’s a really nice teacher. She lets us do science experiments. She teaches us new ways to do stuff, and I like learning new ways to do stuff. It’s really fun.”
Congratulations Mrs. Kathy White!

Coming up Friday on News 2, we’ll present Mrs. White with our Cool School Teacher award.
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