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Parents and students say she’s a fun teacher with an upbeat attitude every morning, and knows every student by name.  Mrs. Mary Wall goes the extra mile to make her students smile, and literally transforms to make it all happen.  We’re in Georgetown county for our Cool School Teacher of the week.

Maryville Elementary physical education teacher Mary Wall loves to make others smile.  A teacher at Maryville for twenty-six years, an educator for thirty years, Mrs. Wall wears a  different costume every morning to greet students and welcome them to school.  This is an ongoing tradition for the past 14 years.  She not only makes students smile, but their parents as well.

During her career, she taught all subjects.  Mrs. Wall says education does not just mean teaching a particular subject, it also means teaching children socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically in order for them to survive and thrive in the world.  She says, “I just try to create a learning and fun atmosphere while we’re teaching and incorporate that it’s ok to be different.  It’s ok to be funny. It’s ok to stand out in a good way, a positive way to make other people smile.  I just love what I do. I thank God everyday I have a job to come to where I see a lot of smiling faces from four years old up to eleven and twelve.  When I see them in the morning grinning and bouncing out of the car, it makes me have a better day, and it makes their parents have a better day.  I just love it.”  Fifth grade student Nevaeh Gaston says, “She’s nice and she rewards us if we do the right thing in school.”  When asked about the costumes Mrs. Wall wears, Nevaeh says, “It’s funny, and it cheers us up to get ready for school in the morning.”

Mrs. Wall is a USC and Columbia College graduate.  She’s a former Teacher of the Year  and Georgetown County School District Teacher of the Year.

Congratulations Mrs. Mary Wall!

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