Cool School Teacher: Ms. Taylor Campanelli

Cool School

They call her an excellent teacher who in a short time has touched the lives of many children.
Sires elementary special education teacher Taylor Campanelli keeps students working and engaged.  We’re in Dorchester District Two for our Cool School teacher of the week.

Ms. Taylor Campanelli is in her second year of teaching special education in the cross-categorical classroom at Sires Elementary in Summerville.  She was named Rookie Teacher of the year.  In her first full year at Sires, Ms. Campanelli has made a significant impact. Her colleagues say don’t let her size fool you, she comes in a small package, but her presence in the classroom is enormous.  She is full of life and her classroom is always upbeat and full of energy.  They say she finds new and innovative ways to engage her students in the classroom.

Campanelli’s reinforces her class motto everyday, “At least try it.”  Campanelli says, ” I want to let them know it’s ok to make mistakes.  Sometimes I will make mistakes on purpose so they can see that I make mistakes too, and it’s ok. You just have to try.  You might not be right all the time, just like in life.  We aren’t perfect.. but you have to at least try. My brother was in special education. I saw how great his teachers were, and he came out of special education, and he’s going to an Ivy League school, and i’ve always wanted to have that kind of power story for somebody else, and to challenge these kids they can be the best they can be. Just because they have a disability doesn’t mean they can’t become beyond that. Fourth-grade student Phoenix Sinclair says, “She’s a cool teacher. She’s funny. She cares about us.”  Third grade teacher Rabiah Harris says, “I’ve been teaching a long time, over twenty years, and when you see a teacher that just has it, you know.  She shows compassion.  She’s warm.  She’s loving, and the kids,  their day is just better whenever she’s around.  Teaching it comes from the heart, and she really has it in her heart.”

Born and raised on Long Island in New York, Ms. Campanelli says she wanted to be a teacher since third grade, when she was inspired by her teacher.
Congratulations Ms. Taylor Campanelli!

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