BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Parents say she’s not only a phenomenal and passionate teacher, but she’s a phenomenal person who cares for her students as if they are her own.  

They say Whitesville Elementary Head Start teacher Christina Wilder puts their children first, despite her own challenges – and that is part of what makes her our Cool School Teacher of the Week. 

Mrs. Christina Wilder knew since she was a little girl what she wanted to do in life: make a difference.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I’m very passionate. I knew when my middle school teacher said she could give people something no one can take away, and I knew instantly, that’s what I wanted to do. I’m very passionate about children, very passionate about early education. I don’t think it gets the recognition, and we set the foundation,” said Wilder.

Mrs. Wilder is a Head Start teacher at Whitesville, a role she has proudly served for the last two years. Overall, she has taught the program for seven years.

She sees her work in early childhood education as an opportunity to build a strong foundation in her students’ educational journey.  

The Moncks Corner native is proud to serve her community.  Wilder says, “Whitesville is home to me. I was there as a little girl, not this building an older building. This is home. This community, I grew up five minutes away. I’m just glad I’m able to give back to my community in Berkeley County.”

Mrs. Wilder is a thyroid cancer survivor, and even through her darkest moments, she continued to pour into her students. She says she treasures light bulb moments with her students. “She was getting it, the light bulb came on, and I get to be there for those moments,” she said.

“Mrs. Wilder is great. She has a wonderful attitude. Her kids are always having fun. They play, but what they don’t realize is how much they are learning at the same time. Mrs. Wilder, she comes in with an attitude to support all of the kids, and all the different challenges she faces,” explained Whitesville assistant principal Nathan Snider.

Wilder is currently working on her master’s degree in Elementary Education.  

“Mrs. Wilder is wonderful. She has that driving force. She’s got that genuine love for her families, and her children in Head Start. She’s very passionate about building that foundation. She works well with the children. She looks at that data to make sure she’s moving them forward and progress,” said Abbey Mills, BCSD Education Specialist for Berkeley Dorchester Head Start.

Parent Shakara Milligan nominated Mrs. Wilder and said, “She has definitely brought my child into a whole different level.  She was quiet, but now she’s more sociable. She’s like wanting to do letters, wanting to do numbers. There is no more tablet time, so I am really thankful for Mrs. Wilder. I truly appreciate her, and the care she has for the children is by far a mother’s love. That’s what took me by surprise, and really wanted to get her nominated. She’s definitely a Cool School Teacher.”

 Wilder says having a parent recognize her passion and hard work means the world. “It’s very humbling. I’m very honored. I don’t feel worthy at all, but I am very thankful. I try to provide a safe environment for my students, and I try to give them the very best of me. Every student I’ve ever had is very special to me. They all have a piece of my heart, and they take it with them,” she said.

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