Fort Dorchester High School students discover their passion through unique & diversified programs

Cool School

From unique academic opportunities to an outstanding sports program, Fort Dorchester High School students take pride in their accomplishments.  We’re in Dorchester School District Two for our Cool School of the week.

Twenty-three-hundred students walk the halls at Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston.  The school also has a new principal this year. Tripp Aldredge says he’s excited about the great things happening at Fort Dorchester. He says, “Fort Dorchester High School is a large comprehensive high school in the Lowcountry, and we like to think we’re one of the best ones.  We’re super excited about all the offerings of our students, the diversity of our school, and everything that goes on here. Whether it’s the academics in the classroom or the other activities students are involved in, we know we’re doing some of the most important business in the lives of our children, and getting them ready to go out into the world.”  Senior Caleb Morgan says, “I like that we have all different cultures, all different races. Our athletics is very legitimate.  Most of our teams go pretty far into the playoffs.”

In addition to being a powerhouse in sports, the school also offers a wide variety of academic, arts, and career and technology programs.   Aldredge says, “we are the only International Baccalaureate school in Dorchester District Two, so we have a full gamut of international baccalaureate classes which is an international curriculum available to our students, very prestigious.  Our CATE, career and technology education program are just incredible here.  We have amazing culinary program, our students in our engineering program, our biomedical services.”  Ninth grade student Alaina Gowans says, “Every grade level, there is something for everybody. When I walk in the door, you just feel that connection with being in the school. I like how our teachers, and our principal, and our counselors are always with us, and they’re trying to help us to be successful in life. I really enjoy the programs here. I really enjoy the different classes I get to pick to actually be engaged in instead of being bored in class. I really enjoy that.”

Students can find what they are passionate about at Fort D. Junior Melanie Delgado says, “I’ve had so many opportunities, and I’ve been given the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything. I love Fort Dorchester High School and I will forever be a Patriot.”  Visual Arts teacher Kevin Morrissey says, “I think this school is a sleeping giant. We’ve had some real success in the athletic stand outs.  The players and teams that have come out here, and the work the coaches put in, but the same success is happening in the academics and classrooms as well, in the arts area too.  I think the soil is right  here for something really really wonderful to grow.  That is just evident of the hard work generations before, students, teachers, administration have put in to cultivate the successes that are happening now.”

Coming up Friday, we’ll present the Fort Dorchester Patriots with our Cool School award.

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