Students lead with pride at Sedgefield Intermediate School

Cool School

Sedgefield Intermediate School in Goose Creek is turning students into leaders, and they’re having fun along the way.   We’re in Berkeley county for our Cool School of the week.

Walk into Sedgefield Intermediate School and student leadership is on full display.  From the Welcome Wagon greeting visitors, to Library Helpers delivering Chromebooks, the school store,  students delivering  Backpack Buddies  packages, and the Student Lighthouse Team leading community service projects, student leaders are everywhere.  Rachelle Hall is a Community In Schools Student Support Specialist.  She says, “This is our Student Lighthouse Team and we meet typically every other week, and we focus on a varity of things.  Most recently our service learning  project, our students decided they wanted to collect quarters for 180 Place in Charleston.  Our goal was to reach nine-hundred-dollars and we actually met that and exceeded it and raised more than 954-dollars.”  The Lighthouse Team are ambassadors for the entire school, elected by theIr peers, and they help  with decision making.  They come up with different projects around the school including the service learning projects.  Lighthouse Team member Harold Carranza says,  “We help the community. We help children to be proactive and be better persons when they grow up.”
SFI is a Leader in Me School, which teaches students about taking ownership of themselves.  Students follow the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  Principal Dr. Creighton Eddings says, “Sedgefield Intermediate School is a hidden gem in Goose Creek.  Sedgefield is a wonderful place.  We have watched our students truly embody the Seven Habits which is a part of the Leader in Me experience here.  They have become leaders and lead in every way around our school now.  When students feel good about themselves, and build that confidence, they end up working very hard, and they’re able to succeed academically.  We built a culture around leadership, but the impact is on academics also.  We see progress in the classroom.”
Students check the “Student Roles Board” to find postings, fill out applications, and go through the hiring process to apply for leadership jobs.   Fourth grade teacher Alexandra Severson says, “The requirements are anywhere from academics to behaviors. They have to show that they know what the job is, and how to do it.  They train others.  A lot of leadership is involved.  They take it very seriously. It’s a serious job to have a leadership role, and they take ownership and they fly away with it, and it has changed our school.”  Student Julie Howell is the school’s morning anchor, “What I think about the leadership roles is that they give you really good opportunities for the jobs that they have here, like the morning news.  We have the Welcome Wagon.  It’s really good because you get to experience doing the things you might like.”
Sedgefield Intermediate will hold their annual Leadership Day on March 29th.  Students will take over the school and showcase leadership in action.

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