Could “Lizardman” be the Lowcountry’s very own “Big Foot?”


File this one under “South Carolina Weird News.”

Here at News 2 we get a lot of viewer emails and messages about things happening in the Lowcountry and news when it happens. Viewers send us videos of the weather, tips on police activity, pictures of events and more.

When we opened up our inboxes to find reports of a “Lizardman” roaming around Bishopville, SC, it was definitely a first. So, could “Lizardman” be the Lowcountry’s very own version of “Big Foot?” You tell us. Do you think Lizardman is real?

Sarah sent us this picture on Sunday, August 2 and she said she saw the “Lizardman” come out of the woods and run along the tree line when she was on her way to church in Bishopville. She says she is not making this story up.

Another person, who wants to remain anonymous, sent us a video of “Lizardman” walking through the woods of Bishopville in Scape Ore Swamp off Camden Highway.

He even has his own twitter account…

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