CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Charleston Police Department (CPD) is using statistical analysis to help reduce crime in the area. CPD hosted a virtual meeting Monday with the Citizen Police Advisory Council (CPAC), to talk about new plans for their online data initiative.

“This helps bridge that communication between law enforcement and the community,” says Paul Tamburrino, the CPAC Communications Subcommittee Chair.

For five years CPD has been logging and tracking information through their Police Data Initiative (PDI) website. Officials say it has provided statistic reports, incident maps, and police response datasets.

“It’s usually going to give you the date, the time, and a general location. You can plot it if you want demographic information as well,” says David Crosby, The Data Integration and Analysis Manager for CPD.

Through the PDI website, CPD works hand in hand with CPAC. Tamburrino says they are involved in reviewing policies, advocating for public concerns, and providing feedback.

“This is not a check box, they really are actively involved with us. They feed us information, call us when something happens, and mean that they want a better understanding,” says Tamburrino.

Crosby says the communication between the council and police helps identify areas of improvement for the website.

“There’s police response data sets that are broken down into years. They don’t have a lot of filters, so there’s a lot of information that is not easily digested,” says Crosby.

Tamburrino says moving forward he hopes to see more engagement from people in the community, to help solve the crime and break any barriers with law enforcement.

“The more transparency that we provide to citizens on what the police department is actually doing, the more the community can work together with law enforcement,” says Tamburrino.

CPD and CPD hold their meetings quarterly and plan to have their next one in August.