NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A North Charleston woman wants to see ongoing crime come to an end in her mobile home community.

Michelle, who did not want to reveal her last name, said break-ins are a big issue at Hawthorne City.

“I’ve had a generator stolen from my trailer one time. They cut a hole in the fence and ripped the top of my porch off and took it,” Michelle said.

She alleged the crimes are being committed by homeless people and tenants at a nearby hotel who often make their way into her neighborhood. Michelle believes the hotel is riddled with crime.

“There’s drugs, there’s prostitution. They’ve had several overdoses there,” she alleged.

Police have not confirmed those crimes; however, News 2 stopped by the hotel and spoke with an employee who acknowledged there is crime and said they report all incidents to the North Charleston Police Department.

NCPD released the following statement:

“North Charleston Police patrol officers have been working with investigators to identify a suspect in the property crimes in that area. The police department has also been working with the city’s Homeless Coordinator to help the homeless population in the area. We also have been working with the owner of the hotel.”

Michelle said the issues have been amplified in the last few years.

“We’re just getting to the point where we are tired of being robbed. Some of us don’t have a lot and some of us work hard for it, you know, and we don’t need people coming in stealing from us,” Michelle explained. “And we just want somebody to fix the problem.”

News 2 reached out to Inspire Communities, the owner of Hawthorne City, but we have not heard back.