MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Two people were arrested after a report of shoplifting Sunday evening at a Walmart, according to the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Officers responded to the Walmart in Wando Crossing following a reported shoplifting. Arriving officers found three people loading a television, which they purchased, and baby formula into a Chrysler sedan, an incident report read.

Two people were identified as Tyajah Rambert (23) and Co Sohn Javon Del Graham (23), while the other individual was identified as a missing juvenile out of Georgia.

Officers asked if any of the three had a receipt for the baby formula they were seen loading into the vehicle; to which “Ms. Rambert then attempted to show me the “receipt” on her phone, but it was for a future purchase.”

Rambert later said the receipt was lost in her purse and never showed proof of purchase for the baby formula.

A loss prevention officer showed officers footage of Rambert and the juvenile entering the store and heading to an aisle with baby formula and Graham heading to the electronics, the report read.

Rambert then tried to use a “credit card” to purchase the baby formula and the television and later told officers that her card was declined.

“The footage then shows Mr. Graham using another credit card to purchase the television. The footage then shows the three suspects walking towards the exit of the building before being stopped by an employee asking for a receipt.”

All three suspects then exited the store.

Police conducted a search of the vehicle and found a bottle of apple juice and a teething toy that wasn’t purchased.

Graham and Rambert were both charged with shoplifting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. No charges were listed on the report for the juvenile.