CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A man suspected of driving under the influence faces numerous charges after making threats to a deputy while being arrested, according to an incident report.

Dylan Bazzle, 30, was pulled over after a deputy was patrolling the area of Mikell and Fort Johnson Roads for a possible DUI.

The vehicle, which had nonfunctioning taillights, was seen drifting and crossing into the opposite lane of travel, according to a report.

During the traffic stop, Bazzle’s eyes were said to be bloodshot and glossy with the deputy observing the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The deputy also saw two packs of beer behind the passenger seat and an open, partially empty can of another beer.

The report states Bazzle was then asked to step out of the vehicle, at which point he became defensive and denied being the driver. Deputies then asked Bazzel if he could undergo a field sobriety test before he became belligerent with other deputies at the scene.

Bazzle’s “loud and boisterous” actions resulted in him initially being arrested for public disorderly conduct and driving under the influence, deputies said.

Afterward, Bazzle’s mother met with authorities at the scene to take his vehicle to avoid having it towed.

When deputies asked Bazzle for the keys, he reportedly said, “you’re not getting these keys, f–k you,” and it was decided to tow the vehicle due to his uncooperativeness.

Bazzle was then taken to the Al Cannon Detention Center to give a breath sample, and while being advised of his rights, he told a deputy, “swear you’re not lying or (I’ll) kill your kid,” the report read.

The deputy asked Bazzle to repeat his statement to confirm he heard him correctly.

Bazzle then began to argue with the deputy, when he was told “he would have his day in court to argue, and that the two would not argue at the jail.” Bazzle replied: “if you make it there.” When the deputy asked to clarify, he replied “you heard what I said,” according to the report.

Bazzle incurred an additional charge of threatening the life, person, or family of a public official.