CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents to be cautious of a nationwide phone scam operating in the Charleston area.

According to CCSO, scammers are using the real names of agency personnel to demand money in exchange for an outstanding warrant to “go away.”

Officials say the scammers will threaten victims with arrest if they do not pay or allege that the victim has missed a court date and threaten to garnish wages.

In most cases, the scammers reportedly ask for payment in the form of prepaid debit cards and once the victim has given the card number, they immediately hang up. Deputies report in some cases, the scammer will say “You’ve been scammed!” before hanging up.

CCSO said it will never ask for money to resolve a warrant and any individual with a warrant in Charleston County can visit the Sheriff’s Office at 3841 Leeds Ave.

If you feel have been a victim, report it to local law enforcement at 843-743-7200.