CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Two women are accused of theft after they allegedly stole several items from a friend’s apartment that one was staying in without permission.

According to the Charleston Police, Melissa Dzienny (39) and Franchesca Camarda (35) are both facing burglary charges.

A report reads that the victim had just recently been released from Al Cannon Detention Center and had given permission for both Dzienny and Camarda, her wife, to stay in her West Ashley apartment after her release.

The victim met Dzienny while in jail and the two had become friends.

Dzienny was in communication with the victim’s mother after being released and told the mother that she was helping the victim move her belongings to a storage unit.

The report says that the victim believes that Dzienny overheard her telling her mother the apartment’s address and the key’s location underneath the doormat.

The mother was advised by the victim that Dzienny did not have permission to be in her house or to move her belongings.

The victim’s mother and family drove from North Carolina to the apartment, located off Bees Ferry Road, met with both Dzienny and Camarda, and were told that they were allowed to be there.

The family left the apartment the next morning to bond her out of jail, leaving both Dzienny and Camarda who left before the family returned.

Police were presented with Nest camera footage showing Dzienny and Camarda entering the apartment with a suitcase and bags, and repeated trips carrying items out of the apartment.

The items believed to have been stolen include over 30 pairs of collectible sneakers, hygiene products, makeup, clothing, and jewelry.

The victim also told police that she noticed that her debit card had unauthorized purchases between March 31st and April 10th totaling $458. Police were advised that while her physical debit card was not stolen, charges were made through either her laptop, phone, or iPad which were all inside the apartment and all devices contained her Apple Wallet information.

Dzienny and Camarda were both charged with first-degree burglary.