CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A man is facing multiple charges after allegedly spitting on an officer while being arrested and booked into jail Tuesday night.

Charleston Police were dispatched to The Commodore jazz club around 9:15 p.m. following a disturbance report in the area.

Officers made contact with the suspect, Dantae Sass (32), who was told to leave the premises by the club’s bouncer.

CPD said that authorities tried convincing him to leave the property when he started yelling foul language while outside on the sidewalk.

Sass continued to be disobedient, yelling more obscenities, and “approached officers in an aggressive manner” before being arrested for public disorderly conduct.

Sass was resistant during his arrest and instead of telling police his name and date of birth when asked, he started shouting more obscenities and spat on an officer’s face, a police report read.

While being taken from the scene to Al Cannon Detention Center, Sass banged his feet and head on the partition inside an officer’s patrol vehicle.

Sass spat on the officer a second time after detention center staff attempted to evaluate him.

The spitting instance resulted in him incurring another charge of throwing bodily fluids.