CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A man was arrested by Charleston Police over the weekend after a foot pursuit led to authorities finding drugs and a weapon in his possession.

Abraham Varns, 38, is facing several charges including drug possession and pointing and presenting firearms offenses, according to a report obtained by News 2.

Around 1:35 a.m. Saturday, police on responded to a dispute occurring at the 1800 block of Carriage Lane in the West Ashley area.

Varns was spotted by police before he fled around an apartment building after an officer gave verbal commands for him to stop.

When officers caught Varns, a firearm was seen traveling across the pavement from underneath a parked vehicle, the report read. Varns was behind the vehicle during the incident.

Varns was subjected to a search by police which yielded just over nine grams of a “green,leafy-like substance,” 1.69 grams of a “white, rock-like substance,” and another 1.28 grams of a white, powdery-like substance.”

Police also found an android cellphone and about $109.09 in cash.

When asked about a situation that happened before police arrived, Varns said his cousin called for his help as she was involved in a verbal altercation – which escalated when Varns arrived at the location.

Varns said he fled when police arrived on the scene, CPD said.

Another officer spoke with another woman about the incident and said that Varns pointed a gun at her during an argument and another man stepped in front of her to protect her.

Varns was charged with two counts of pointing and presenting a firearm, sale and delivery of a stolen pistol, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and multiple drug offenses including drugs/manual distribution of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, manufacturing/possessing other substances (schedule I, III and III) with intent to distribute.