CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A traffic stop by Charleston Police led to numerous charges including larceny and financial card theft, a report from CPD said.

CPD on Monday initiated a traffic stop after noticing a Ford pick-up truck “driving erratically” while on patrol in the area of Ashley River Road and Sam Rittenburg Boulevard.

Police said the vehicle nearly sideswiped another vehicle in an adjacent lane.

During the traffic stop, the driver, Gregory Noisette (33), gave officers a name different from his, and said that he paid a “friend” to borrow the truck.

Police ran the vehicle’s tags and it came back as stolen – Noisette then told police that he knew the vehicle was stolen.

In searching the vehicle, the officer found about 15 debit cards under five different names inside a purse that belonged to a passenger, police said in the report. Noisette told the officer that the cards belonged to him and asked the passenger to hold on to them.

Noisette is charged with grand larceny, financial transaction card theft, and giving false information.