NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A Columbia man was arrested Sunday afternoon at a hotel in North Charleston for kidnapping.

Police on Sunday responded to an assault call at the Economy Inn located along the 5000 block of Rivers Avenue.

William Crosby, 61, was located by police at the scene appearing “to be highly intoxicated with slurred speech, blood shot and glossy-eyed,” according to a police report.

Police also mentioned seeing what was believed to be blood spatter on Crosby’s jeans, and a “visible gouge” at his lower jaw which he said was caused by shaving with a straight razor.

A woman was also found at the property and told police that she met with Crosby at the hotel.

Police were told by the woman that Crosby consumed a “gross amount” of alcohol and snorted a “drug” of some kind.

The woman said she tried leaving out of disgust but a physical fight happened between her and Crosby, causing her to have numerous scratches on her face and a knot on her forehead.

In addition, the woman said that Crosby put his hand over her mouth to keep her from yelling out.

The woman was not able to call for help due to her phone breaking amid the altercation, however, she managed to flee to the area.

Crosby was charged with kidnapping.