New details: How a Lowcountry doctor allegedly hid and watched renters at two Folly Beach beach houses

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Folly Beach, SC – New details have been released about how a Lowcountry doctor allegedly hid and watched renters at a Folly Beach beach house.

Details of Dr. Ball’s most recent arrest

Folly Beach police are investigating Dr. James Ball, a Lowcountry pulmonologist, for voyeurism after renters at Dr. Ball’s beach house allegedly busted him watching a renter in the shower this summer.

According to new police reports obtained by News 2, Folly Beach police discovered an elaborate viewing area under a beach rental owned by Dr. Ball with holes in the bathroom and bedroom walls.

Inside the laundry room at the house located at 1119 E Arctic Avenue, police found “a void” and a narrow walkway under the home.

On the wall that would have been the back of the outdoor shower, police found a one-inch hole they believed was used for viewing that shower.

Details of Dr. Ball’s checkered past

Further down the void, a larger space opened to the entire underside of the home.  Along the wall that attaches to the inside shower, a bamboo shade was attached to the wall. Covering the bamboo shade was white burlap. “Portions of the burlap were cut at locations where there were holes that allowed one to look into the shower area,” according to the report. There were also holes in the bedroom walls.

At the back of the residence, police found a small step stool “that allowed someone to step over a retaining wall and exit the property.”

“Based on my investigation it appears that James Ball used this area to come and go as he pleased,” the detective wrote in the report, “so that no one would recognize or see him as he comes and goes. Witness and victim statements confirm and align with this thought process as well.”

 Dr. Ball owns another property, 1110 E. Arctic Avenue as well.

At that location police discovered a door which led to the hot water heater and access to the plumbing of the showers. On the same wall as the plumbing, police found more bamboo shades and white burlap hanging in front of the wall. There were several cuts to the burlap, which was in line with the holes that were in the wall. These holes were at approximate waist height for someone in the shower area. There were two shower areas and the holes were in each shower area.

And during a repeat visit to the beach houses, police found newly placed locks, which they believe “indicates an attempt to try to block off an area that was not to be seen by anyone.”

Police seized multiple computers, along with thumb drives, sim cards and cell phones from the Ball residence.  

 “My conclusion is that James Ball was fully aware of the doctored holes in the wall, and made and took every attempt to take advantage of them, and all the folks that have rented and resided at these two locations, 1110 and 1119 E. Arctic Ave,” according to the police report.

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