NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A man has been arrested after being accused of beating, confining, and threatening the life of his ex-girlfriend in mid-February.

According to the North Charleston Police, Daquon Marqui-Jemol Wilson, 28, is facing multiple charges including first-degree assault and battery.

On February 14, authorities responded to a physical disturbance call at a North Charleston apartment complex, and when they arrived they met with a woman who said Wilson, her ex-boyfriend, had assaulted and held her against her will.

The victim told police that Wilson would stay over at her apartment sometimes but never established residency.

She said to police that someone knocked at her door and she saw a stuffed animal through the peephole and thought it was her current boyfriend with a Valentine’s Day gift.

She opened the door and was immediately pepper-sprayed by Wilson who forced his way into the apartment, forced her into another bedroom, restrained her, and began to hit her repeatedly.

In addition, she told police that Wilson placed pillows over her head, thinking he was trying to kill her by cutting off her airway, before strangling her.

Wilson allegedly made threatening statements saying he was going to kill her and that “if he can’t have her, no one can.”

The woman told police that she tried to leave but Wilson overpowered and cornered her in the bathroom, holding her in the residence for two hours before he left the apartment

Also, the woman stated about having previous issues with Wilson and even had him placed on a trespassing notice from the property.

Police were told by the victim that Wilson is “violently jealous,” and that he follows her, spies on her, and left threatening messages on her phone.

Officers noticed the woman’s injuries including a swollen ear, bloodshot eyes, and bruising around the face and neck area.

Wilson was charged with first-degree assault and battery, kidnapping, and first-degree burglary.